Through our team of highly regarded Chinese and international experts, we effectively and efficiently manage large scale landscape projects including integrated theme parks, urban developments, nursery construction and management, golf courses and sports fields, and importing horticultural and food products into China.

Integrated Theme Parks

  • Creation of project nurseries and management to international standards
  • Nursery production to meet clients specifications and project timelines
  • Introduction of latest international technologies to boost efficiencies
  • Sourcing of plant material, including importing and logistical management of its delivery
  • Formulating maintenance, nutritional and integrated pest management programs
  • Human resource training in all aspects of nursery production and landscape installation
  • Acclimatisation of horticultural products for interior landscaping

Team Member Expertise:

Darren Moseley Richard Coumbe Martin Gilbert Tim Garceau Peter Brauns

Urban Developments

  • Master planning and design
  • Landscape design
  • Green/breathing walls and roof gardens
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Land remediation and reclamation
  • Soil and water quality management

Team Member Expertise:

Chris Miller Edward Wu Frank Lin Martin Gilbert

Nursery Construction and Management

  • Site analysis
  • Environmental, including water management
  • Design layout for maximum efficiencies
  • Production planning - in-ground and container growing
  • Species selection specific to climatic zones
  • Introduction of new plant species
  • Irrigation design and implementation
  • Soil and nutrition programs
  • Integrated pest management
  • Arboriculture
  • Quality control systems

Team Member Expertise:

Richard Coumbe Peter Brauns Peter Lewis Chris Steilberg

Golf Courses & Sports Fields

Includes racecourses, equestrian complexes, soccer and rugby fields and cricket grounds

  • Design
  • Construction

Team Member Expertise:

Darren Moseley Chris Steilberg

Importing Horticultural & Food Products

  • Importing trees, shrubs and allied horticultural products into China
  • Importing fresh and processed food products into China

Team Member Expertise:

James McGeoch David Chen